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How to Filter Porn Web Sites on Your Computer. If you’re on the internet—especially when doing searches on Bing or Google, you are likely going to encounter porn.

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California wants to require adult film actors to use condoms, and porn companies aren’t happy. Vocativ reports that Proposition 60 mandates condoms must be used in is an online adult website with free adult web chat, nude wallpapers, porn videos and more! Find a great collection of sex sites here.

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There is hardly an epidemic of people logging onto porn sites in McDonalds, but the Golden Arches did something about it anyway.

In gross violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, blocking of many pages of this site via Google search engine has begun, allegedly upon request of

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Dec 24, 2013 · This is a very short little story indeed but it is just too, too, delicious to not give it airtime. The UK has decided that all ISPs must deploy opt-in

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Internet censorship in Pakistan is government control of information sent and received using the Internet in Pakistan. Pakistan made global headlines in 2010 for

The plebiscite may not be the pathway many people want to change the law, but now is better than three years, and resolution is better than stagnation.

Responses to the Problem of Internet Pornography. Your analysis of your local problem should give you a better understanding of the factors contributing to it.

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