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The new US administration said its trade strategy would start with withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Asia Pacific provides color, light, display, and solar measurement solutions for many industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Exhibitions, public programs, and collections featuring the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands. Located in Pasedena, California.

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This exhibition features a selection of the finest artworks from the renowned Asia Society Museum Collection.

Seventh-day adventist university in Thailand. Offers programs in religion, nursing, science, business, education, and humanities.

Find breaking news, world news and multimedia on Asia with news on China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Cambodia.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (立命館アジア太平洋大学, Ritsumeikan Ajia Taiheiyō Daigaku?), or APU, is a private institution inaugurated April 2000

Global non-profit organization. The leading force in forging closer ties between Asia and the West through arts, education, policy and business outreach.

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Asia Pacific Arts 18

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The Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education publishes peer-reviewed original research, topical issues, and best practice articles from throughout the world

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific brings together the largest concentration of scholars and students working on the Asia Pacific region in the English-speaking

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